Pepi's Pizza was opened in 1960 by
"Papa" Tony Wojtas and his wife,
Audrey, on Main Street.  At that time
Pepi's was a small pizza shop with four
booths and a coffee counter.  Its success
was almost immediate, and Pepi's out
grew its location.  Papa Tony moved
Pepi's to the first floor of his home, on
Route 5.  At that time Route 5 looked
very different.  It was mostly farm land.  
As Route 5 grew, so did Pepi's Pizza.  
Many remember the clear tube that went
up through the roof, and passersby could
watch from the street as Papa Tony
would spin the pizza dough up into the air.

In 1975, Audrey and their daughter
Linda, opened Pepi's Bridal Boutique next
door to the pizza shop.
228 Genesee Street
Route 5
Oneida, New York, 13421
Phone  315.363.7580   Fax  315.363.9507
Pepi's Pizza Has Been Serving Papa Tony's
Homemade Gourmet Pizza Since 1960!
The new building will be home for all the Pepi's features you know and
love, including the Train circling the dinning room, the Clown and
puppets, and a new and improved video arcade.  Pepi's will also be
adding an Ice Cream Parlor and Drive-Thru Pick-Up Window.                       
        Construction is estimated to be completed by 2010.
In 1977 the two buildings were connected,
and Pepi's added a dinning room.

Pepi's continued to grow, and in 1982 Pepi's
constructed a new building behind the original
location.  Over the years the new building
underwent many changes, including the
addition of a video arcade.

Now, in 2008, Pepi's has begun its newest
expansion, the original building Pepi's
occupied will be demolished and a new Pepi's
Pizza will be built in its place.