228 Genesee Street
Route 5
Oneida, New York, 13421
Phone  315.363.7580   Fax  315.363.9507
What Makes Pepi's Pizza So Good?
At Pepi's Pizza we are committed to continuing the legacy established by
our founder Papa Tony, back in 1960, of maintaining the highest standards
of quality for all our products.

Pepi's Pizza Will Never Compromise On Quality.

Our dough is made from scratch everyday, and aged 2 to 3 days to get
the maximum flavor and texture.

We use only 100% REAL mozzarella cheese, and our pizza sauce is made
with only the finest tomato products, made from fresh tomatoes, never
from concentrate.  And our sauce is only cooked once......on your pizza.

Not just anyone can make your pizza.  Our pizza makers are thoroughly
trained in the art and science of pizza making.  Most of our pizza makers
have more than 15 years of experience (and are also family members).

If you are not completely satisfied with our product,
let us know!  Your
satisfaction is our priority!
Pepi's Pizza Has Been Serving Papa Tony's
Homemade Gourmet Pizza Since 1960!